Highlight this weekend is Jose’s return to Stamford Bridge with Manchester United away to Chelsea.

Could be another boring game if he parks the bus like he did at Liverpool last weekend. Gamcast has it at a 1-2 Man Utd win, I’m not so sure and could see it going 1-0 in either direction.

Arsenal at home to Middlesbrough has got a high odds flag for a 3-0 home win, this looks like a pretty good bet with Arsenal playing so well.

West Ham Sunderland also got a high goal probability flag due to the teams strong goal scoring record and weak defenses.

I really like Leicester at home to Crystal Palace, it’s about time the Foxes started bringing some of that European magic to their Premier League fixtures.

Here is the full fixture list and odds. For the predictions and analysis visit: http://Gamcast.com

Sat 22nd October

Bournemouth 12:30 Tottenham Hotspur Sky Sports 1
Home 3/1 13/5 Away 19/20

Burnley 15:00 Everton
Home 9/2 13/5 Away 4/6

Arsenal 15:00 Middlesbrough
Home 1/4 19/4 Away 11/1

West Ham United 15:00 Sunderland
Home 4/6 29/10 Away 19/5

Swansea City 15:00 Watford
Home 5/4 23/10 Away 9/4

Leicester City 15:00 Crystal Palace
Home 1/1 12/5 Away 14/5

Hull City 15:00 Stoke City
Home 2/1 9/4 Away 7/5

Liverpool 17:30 West Bromwich Albion
Home 2/7 19/4 Away 11/1

Sun 23rd October

Manchester City 13:30 Southampton Sky Sports 1
Home 1/2 10/3 Away 5/1

Chelsea 16:00 Manchester United Sky Sports 1
Home 23/20 9/4 Away 5/2

from Gamcast http://gamcast.com/articles/joses-return/