Gamcast is predicting a 1-2 away win for Chelsea and with Liverpools recent dip in form that could be a good prediction.

Ladbrokes currently have that result at odds of 9/1.

Firmino to score first and Chelsea to win 2-1 is at 75/1

Full stats and analysis can be found here: http://gamcast.com/prediction.php?hsts=liverpool1485892800

Another game worth keeping an eye on is Arsenal vs Watford.

This should be a big home win for Arsenal with Gamcast predicting a 4-0 massacre.

The bookies haven’t been very generous with the odds even 4-0 is still only 10/1.

Considering a draw is 11/2 it might be worth hoping for an Arsenal meltdown and boring goalless draw.

Full analysis is here: http://gamcast.com/prediction.php?hsts=arsenal1485891900


from Gamcast http://gamcast.com/articles/liverpool-vs-chelsea/